Art Talk, Ecovention, Art transforming ecologies

Wednesday September  14th  at 5:30 PM - 7 PM @ The Art Base, 99, Midland Spur, Basalt, Co 81621

Ecological art is an art genre and artistic practice that seeks to preserve and/or revitalize the life forms, resources and ecology of Our Blue Planet. The Movement started with Herbert Bayer’s grass mound created in 1955 at the Aspen Art Institute. This Art Talk is presented by Celia Gregory, founder of the Marine Foundation and a pioneer of an art form that creates beautiful underwater habitats. In conversation with Art Base Executive Director Genna Moe, Celia will explore the development of environmental art, her own experience creating works of art that grow and evolve under the sea, and the positive intervention of these works. Love has brought Celia to Colorado, far from the sea, but to her delight she finds herself at the birthplace of this movement.